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Unik Gauges & Tools
Unik Gauges & Tools
  • Manufacturer Supplier of Gauges & Tools, ISO Metric Thread Gauges, MJ Thread Gauges, Unified Thread Gauges, UNJ Thread Gauges, BSW/ BSF/ Whitworrth Thread Gauges, Pipe / G Thread Gauges, BS Cycle Thread Gauges, BA Thread Gauges, Wire Threads Inserts / Heli - Thread Gauges, BS Conduit Thread Gauges, Trapezoidal Thread Gauges, Acme Thread Gauges
  • Stub Acme Thread Gauges, Pg Thread Gauges, Buttress Thread Gauges, Saw Tooth / Metric Buttress Thread Gauges, NPT Thread Gauges, NPTF/PTF Thread Gauges, BSPTr Thread Gauges, Pipe / R Thread Gauges (ISO 7/2), M / KEG Taper Thread Gauges (DIN 158), NGT Taper Thread Gauges
  • Casing, Tubing & Line Pipe Gauges for Oil Industry, Customized solutions for Gauging, Plain Plug Gauges, Snap Gauges, Setting Ring Gauges, Thread Measuring Wires, Measuring Pins
  • Unik Gauges & Tools, Manufacturer Supplier of Gauges & Tools, ISO Metric Thread Gauges
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Thread And Plain Plug Gauges Inspection Facilities

Thread and Plain Ring Gauges
Our Important Measuring Instruments
Universal Horizontal Metroscope
Traceable to NPL vide their certificate no : 739/02/214/2001
Used for Calibration of Plain Ring Gauges, Master Setting Ring, Thread Plug, Thread Ring & Special Gauges
L.C.: 0.0002 mm

Thread and Plain Ring Gauges
Profile Projectors
Traceable to NPL vide their certificate no : 739/02/215/2001
Used for measurement of Thread Angle and form of Thread Plug Gauges & Thread Ring Gauges.
L.C.: 2 minutes

Floating Carriage Micrometers
Floating Carriage Micrometers
Traceable to NPL vide their certificate no : 739/02/216/2001
Used for Pitch diameter measurement of Thread Plug Gauges
L.C.: 0.002 mm

We are manufacturers of Thread Plug, Thread Ring, Plain Ring, Snap Gauges & Spl. Gauges and our setup is situated at Wadgaon Khurd ,Pune ( Maharashtra, India )